Project Hypertext-Mind

We at Hypertext/Labs have been working hard to bring “Hypertext-Mind” to life, an ambitious new project that will change how we work together! Our aim is to tear-down barriers between people, software and businesses, making working together even easier and smarter! We believe our platform is something the world needs today and the way of the future. With our platform, we will create millions of jobs for talented people around the world. If you are interested in being a part of our journey, please continue to read!



We believe the process of taking an idea from concept to reality can be simplified.

Hypertext-Mind” is like a standard (or like a protocol if you will) for sharing and utilizing talents, experience, knowledge, and creativity, what we like to call “Mind-Power”.

Mind-Power” is the fundamental fuel that drives an idea from concept to reality.

We also believe that “Mind-Power” can be further harnessed by software/data engineers that can implement autonomous systems.


Share your “Mind-Power” and earn!

We are looking for talented people interested in working on creative solutions and being part of the “Hypertext-Mind”.

We are also seeking ambitious entrepreneurs who want to partner with us and deliver our powerful platform to different market segments.

Sign-up and tell us about yourself!


Let us be your secret weapon

We are looking for businesses with big ideas or are interested in working with top-talent from around the world to help them build their products, make services better and generally make their businesses smarter (more competitive).

Our network of “brains” will help you: write creative content, design creative graphics, write complicated code, design automated integrations and more.

All this can be yours, without having the typical overhead of hiring a work-force: interviews, payroll, administration and worrying about what other risks employees are exposing you to (known and unknown).

You will have instant access to top talent from all over the world. Your IP will be protected by our legal team and the flexibility to work with people in specific geographies.

Early adopters will have best competitive advantage, so act now!